How Coaching Works

What It’s Like To Work With Me

Coaching is very different than therapy. In therapy you are often digging into the past to understand how past experiences and trauma are limiting your options and “the cause” for “negative emotions” and unwanted behavioral patterns today.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship where we look at where you are now, where you would ideally like to go, in some or many areas of your life, and create a path/plan to get there.

You direct where you want to go and you take the actions. You are empowered and are building self esteem along the way. I am a catalyst for your growth, your success and your transformation. I help accelerate the process.

My job is to hold a vision for your most magnificent self even when you can’t see it. As we work together you begin to see and own your own brilliance. It’s ultimately a transformative process. As you run into limiting beliefs and blocks, I will guide you to reprogram your brain’s neural pathways and heal without re-experiencing the traumas that might be associated with those beliefs. It’s a very safe and sacred space.

Reprograming happens when you align your thoughts, feelings and actions toward a vision of what you want in life. That alignment creates the future reality. This is not some airy-fairy new age mumbo jumbo. It’s quantum physics. It’s proven neuroscience. It’s how we human beings are made. We create our future reality through aligning thoughts, feelings and actions! The problem is that most of us spend a majority of our time focused on past negative experiences and emotions which creates the same old patterns into the future.

An important part of the process is for you to feel completely safe to tell the truth about whatever is coming up. My job is to help you honor that part because it has played an important role in the past to get you where you are today. If it is something that no longer serves you, we thank it and send it on it’s way so you can get to work moving forward with a new inspiring vision for the future. We don’t spend a lot of time with stories from the past. A little background is necessary but we are mainly focused on moving from now into the future. Creating an ideal future!

Let’s get you aligned toward the vision you want to live into now!

I would love to do a complimentary session with you to discover your goals and dreams and create a plan on how to get there.


“Jeff’s coaching is patient and understanding but he is totally direct in a way that makes you see yourself from the outside. Since working with Jeff, I have truly felt that anything is possible and then I get up and do it. My new understanding of “what it takes” has changed from feeling overwhelmed, to accomplishing one thing at a time, to waking up with clear mind and space so that my room to grow is limitless. My finances, relationships and businesses have all stepped onto a whole new indestructible platform and I can’t thank Jeff enough for graciously giving me the tools that are right for me. I would highly recommend Jeff Stitely as your coach!”

Rory M. – Chicago, IL