Meet Jeff Stitely

For 35 years Jeff Stitely has been committed to a path of self-discovery. In his senior year of college, Jeff attended the EST Training and had an awakening that created a desire to explore who we are and why we are here. He went on to study leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, personal development and spirituality in depth with various teachers and training institutes.

Jeff has been committed to supporting others to live into their magnificence through leading men’s trainings, personal growth groups, entrepreneurs and sales groups over the last 25 years.

During this time, Jeff was also an accomplished Jazz drummer playing with famous jazz artists like: Chick Corea, Randy Brecker, Eddie Harris, “Groove” Holmes and many others. The Jeff Stitely Quartet put out three acclaimed CDs, played the Chicago Jazz Fest and toured Europe.

He also toured the world for 10 years with pianist/vocalist Patricia Barber. His love for improvisation that requires letting go of control, being present and profoundly trusting, combined with his thirst for self-discovery led him to create“Rhythm of Now” coaching.

One of Jeff’s greatest passions is working with men to fully express their emotions, develop both vulnerability and personal power, tell their truth and live into their highest vision. His new 12-week program for men called “Relationship Mastery For the Modern Man” is a transformational experience focusing on giving men the skills they need to have juicy and deep intimate relationships, presence and personal power.

Jeff studied and performed African drumming and dance with Gideon Foli Alorwoyie for five years. This great musical tradition is about bringing spirit to the rituals of the community like weddings, harvests and births. In that same spirit, Jeff started Stitely Entertainment in 1994 to combine dance music with his desire to provide quality music for our traditions. Jeff built the company over 25 years to be one of the biggest and most respected music production companies in Chicago winning dozens of awards and bring joy to over 3,300 events.

Jeff has continued to expand his experience and skill so he can serve others as effectively as possible. This includes The Virtual Coach with Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla, A Course In Miracles, Wright Foundation for Human Development, Tantratraining in Rishikesh, India, 5 weeks of Satsang in India with Moojibaba, Donna “Eden Energy Medicine”, Heather Renee “Quest for Love” training, Christian Mickelson’s energy healing: Instant Miracle Technique, Peace Process and Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing to quickly eliminate limiting beliefs.

Dr. Joe Despenza’s Intensive Training, Progressive Training and Week Long Advanced Retreat.

Jeff also plays tabla in two Chicago Kirtan bands and is the father of two amazing girls. Jeff currently resides in Chicago and would love to work with you if you are ready to create the life you want.


“For over 16 years, Jeff has supported me with many of my life decisions. From struggling in my marriage to starting a business, he held a vision for me that I could not see myself. From the first time I met Jeff at a men’s leadership weekend, he stood out as someone who walked the talk with no hidden agendas, only wanting to see me succeed. He has the ability to not only earn your trust but to use his own life experiences to help you see obstacles and navigate through them. Men are taught to be tough and not have feelings and emotions but Jeff knows that releasing these beliefs can help you transform into a well-respected loving man. When I started a business with my wife many years ago, Jeff supported me and held a vision and we grew the company to be a multi-million dollar firm that is well respected in our industry. Our marriage is stronger than ever and I have become a role model for other men. This was all due to the support and coaching of a man who genuinely cares about you. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to grow personally and love their life.”

Mark Zastrow – Mundelein, IL