Relationship Mastery For the Modern Man

A 12-week course for men to develop juicy relationships, presence and personal power

This course is for you if:

  • You want to be more present in your personal relationships.
  • You keep getting stuck in the same negative patterns and conflicts.
  • You’ve been through an ugly breakup or divorce and need direction and clarity.
  • You’ve lost your zest for life.
  • You know there is more to this existence than what you are doing and experiencing now.
  • You feel uncomfortable in conversation with a love interest or partner.
  • You keep getting hurt or angry from the same interactions and it’s hurting your relationships, especially intimate ones.
  • You often feel defensive and communication keeps breaking down.
  • You have a hard time expressing how you feel fearing you’ll be judged.
  • You want to please your partner sexually, but you have performance anxiety and are in your head a lot.
  • You want to learn how to resolve conflict quickly and not take things so personally.
  • You would like to have a clearer vision of where you are going and the confidence to get there.

The Promise

My promise to you is that you will make significant movement toward your vision in each area you choose to focus on.

Your promise is to be coachable, willing, responsible and 100% committed.

*You will have clarity on your path and feel alive and energized about your next steps
*Your relationships or dating life will improve drastically.
*You will learn how to resolve conflicts easily and effectively, creating a win-win for both parties.
*Your intimacy will increase significantly and your sex life will be rejuvenated.
*You will develop the ability to be present in a way that will create a new level of flow and ease.

Outline of the Course

Week 1: VISION & ROADMAP – We will identify where you are in your life, and create a vision for where you want to be. Your personal power is directly related to you having a clear direction.

Week 2: SELF CARE & PRESENCE – You will create a morning ritual to get you in great shape, resulting in more energy and focus for the day. You will deepen your ability to be consistently present in the moment, creating flow and richness in your life.

Week 3: LISTENING & YOUR EMOTIONS – When you can really listen to someone while recognizing your own internal reactions and emotions as yours, you will create a deeper, more intimate relationship. You will understand where your emotions reside in your body and be freer to express them with your head held high.

Week 4: FLOWING CONVERSATION – These simple skills will positively impact ALL relationships in your life.

Week 5: GETTING & STAYING GROUNDED – When you learn the skill of grounding yourself, your days will be more creative and productive.

Week 6: YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF – We will explore this and give you a process and tools to discover your authenticity in daily life.

Week 7: LIFE IS A MIRROR & IT’S HAPPENING FOR ME! – This understanding will put you in the drivers seat and get you moving forward instead of living in reaction to the world around you.

Week 8: VULNERABILITY & PERSONAL POWER – Your personal power comes from you expressing your truth! This is a vulnerable and courageous act!

Week 9: SEX & EXPLORING PLEASURE IN THE MOMENT – You will learn life changing skills and awareness, teaching you how to get out of your head, stay in the moment, and have an enhanced sexual experience for you and your partner.

Week 10: RELATIONSHIP CONFLICT & HOW TO NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY – Conflict is actually a doorway to deeper understanding, intimacy and love. You will learn skills to resolve conflict quickly so you can be aligned and get back to loving.

Week 11: YOUR MIND ONLY HAS THE POWER YOU GIVE IT – You will learn how to align your thoughts, emotions and actions to create the future you want! Change limiting beliefs into empowering ones for relationships, self-worth, sex, time and money.

You Are The Creator Of Your Life – Your New Vision The last lesson is to totally own that you are the creator of your life. You are not at the mercy of the past or any circumstances. You are an artist and the work of art is you and your life.

Jeff Stitely and Rhythm of Now Coaching

For 35 years Jeff Stitely has been committed to a path of self-discovery and to supporting others to live into their magnificence through leading men’s trainings, personal growth groups, coaching entrepreneurs and sales groups.

Jeff is also an accomplished Jazz drummer playing with famous jazz artists like: Chick Corea, Randy Brecker, Eddie Harris, “Groove” Holmes and many others.

He also toured the world for 10 years with pianist/vocalist Patricia Barber. His love for improvisation that requires letting go of control, being present and profoundly trusting, combined with his thirst for self-discovery led him to create “Rhythm of Now” Coaching.

Jeff’s greatest passion is working with men to fully express their emotions, develop both vulnerability and personal power, tell their truth and live into their highest vision. Jeff has continued to expand his experience and skill so he can serve others as effectively as possible.

Jeff is the father of two amazing girls and resides in Chicago.

Course Format

*Relationship Mastery For the Modern Man is a 12-week course with weekly lessons and exercises to develop the skills and tools needed to have renewed intimate relationships, presence and personal power.
*Weekly 90 min. Zoom meetings to dive into the week’s lesson with personal guidance, exercises, and life application.
*You’ll practice each week’s lesson on your own and with others in the group, and/or in your life.
*You’ll also be a part of a growing private Facebook support community of like-minded men committed to being present and living an exceptional life.

Please contact Jeff for a complimentary session to look at your dreams, desires and a pathway to creating them. I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you to live into your magnificence!

Jeff Stitely (c) 312-953-6383 or


“Jeff is a truly wonderful being. A caring and committed light worker and Life Coach who I have had the pleasure and honor to work with. I had been struggling with perfectionism and procrastination for a long time and with the baggage of self doubts and self sabotaging behaviors that come with it. Thanks to him if I have successfully managed to come out of it and regain confidence in myself and in my hidden resources. His total and undivided attention as well as his naturally honest and caring attitude helped me to feel immediately at ease disclosing personal issues. I truly recommend anyone who is genuinely interested in healing himself as well as committed to living their life authentically to work with Jeff.”

Nataraj Marco Chiavarelli – Venice, Italy